A community of practice to measure and reduce embodied carbon in home construction, powered by RMI


HomebuildersCAN is helping builders learn about embodied carbon and providing the industry with a consistent approach to incorporating embodied carbon into decarbonization strategies. Want to know more about why you should join the network? Watch our official launch webinar for an overview and check out our FAQs below.

What is HomebuildersCAN?

HomebuildersCAN is a community of practice to educate and support builders to reduce the embodied carbon emissions associated with their homes and prepare the sector for anticipated regulation and investor pressure to address Scope 3 emissions. The program will provide a standardized carbon footprint reporting framework for homebuilders, serve as a network to advocate for alignment across the sector, and provide resources to support homebuilders measure, benchmark, and reduce the embodied carbon of their homes.

Is HomebuildersCAN a labeling program?

No. It is NOT a labeling program indicating and verifying different levels of performance.

Who can sign up to be a member organization?

Membership is open to:

  • homebuilders of all sizes with operations in North America
  • all organizations that wish to support the program as consultant partners (energy raters, manufacturers, investors, green building rating programs, LCA practitioners, regulators, rand more).

Individuals not representing an organization are invited to join the HomebuildersCAN network by subscribing to the newsletter for the latest news on HomebuildersCAN events, new resources, and collaboration opportunities.

Is there a cost for membership?

No, membership is completely free!

What are the requirements for membership?

  • The basic requirements involve annual reporting of embodied carbon performance, developing a decarbonization plan, and choosing a performance pathway.
  • Specific program details will be developed with member input throughout the first phase of the program. Initial ideas on detailed program requirements can be found here.

What is embodied carbon and why is it important?

  • Embodied carbon represents the millions of tons of carbon emissions released during the lifecycle of building materials, including extraction, manufacturing, transport, construction, and disposal.
  • New home construction in the United States creates over 50 million tons of embodied carbon emissions annually, equivalent to the total emissions from entire countries, according to RMI research.
  • The residential sector has a unique opportunity to reduce tens of millions of tons of emissions and become a leading contributor to reducing climate emissions, quickly and efficiently. For more information about embodied carbon, visit our resources page.

How will this program benefit my practice?

  • HomebuildersCAN offers custom support, training, and extensive resources tailored to the residential sector while serving as a platform to elevate member successes toward improved climate performance.
  • Members benefit from exclusive access to members-only roundtables, workshops, and focus groups; prominent company features and spotlights; opportunities to influence the direction of the program; and custom consultation with embodied carbon assessments, reporting, design, and more.
  • In addition to offering trainings, providing useful templates, and assisting professionals in reaching their goals, HomebuildersCAN provides news of funding opportunities, advocates for recognition by regulators, and helps organizers of incentive programs and regulators to incorporate measures for high climate performance.

How can I get involved?

Interested parties can sign up to become a member organization by filling out the membership form, or subscribe to join the network as an individual and receive communications about program news and public events.

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