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A Supportive Carbon Action Network

Helping builders learn about embodied carbon and provide the industry with a consistent approach to incorporating embodied carbon into decarbonization strategies.

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Carbon Action Network

Developed by RMI with an industry stakeholder group, HomebuildersCAN supports members across three key areas:

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Increase performance on embodied emissions from new homes and share successes with stakeholders

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Advocate for alignment across the sector, including: regulators, ESG reports, lenders, and energy efficiency programs

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Adopt and scale profitable climate-smart building practices

How Simple Material Substitutions Can Reduce Embodied Carbon

Using less material and choosing materials wisely can significantly reduce the embodied carbon of a home, often without raising costs. Home builders can take immediate steps to achieve 30 to 50 percent emissions reductions with commercially available, affordable, and code-compliant building materials and by targeting just a few key material categories: concrete, insulation, cladding, and interior surfaces.


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What are the benefits for homebuilders

Sales and Public Relations

  • Let buyers know about your improved performance
  • Highlight your commitments and turn them into relatable stories
  • Provide trusted third-party promotion and support

Strategic Alignment

  • Meet regulator needs with a format that works for builders across jurisdictions
  • Work for embodied carbon alignment with all energy efficiency programs
  • Standardize reporting for programs and incentives
  • Advocate for inclusion of embodied carbon performance in green mortgages

ESG Reporting

  • Create data & reports suitable for scope 3 ESG reporting
  • Commitment recognized by investors as reliable reporting

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Join the webinar

Committed to Reducing Embodied Carbon Emissions? Join the Launch of HomebuildersCAN, an RMI Initiative.

November 14, 2023       Virtual   |   11:00 a.m. EST

Join us as homebuilder and embodied carbon expert Chris Magwood introduces HomebuildersCAN: a supportive Carbon Action Network initiative. Developed by RMI with an industry stakeholder group, HomebuildersCAN will support builders as they learn about embodied carbon and provide the industry with a consistent approach to incorporate embodied carbon into decarbonization strategies. Does your company want to be a public early supporter of HomebuildersCAN? Join this webinar to learn how this supportive network helps you tell your story about increasing the climate performance of your portfolio and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your homes.

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Will you indicate your support for HomebuildersCAN?

HomebuildersCAN will be undertaking a “soft launch” process through Fall 2023. We will be meeting homebuilders and consultants at conferences including EEBA, PHIUS, and RESNET, and conducting outreach and webinars to build a broad coalition for the formal launch in January 2024.

YES! I would like my company to be a public early supporter of HomebuildersCAN!


For more information or to discuss supporting HomebuildersCAN please contact: Chris Magwood,