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Equitable Home Electrification Toolkit

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Use the resources below to strengthen your team’s understanding of core issues throughout your roadmap writing process.

Electrification 101:

What is a heat pump and why are we discussing it? Use these resources to develop a baseline understanding of core concepts and issues which you can use to begin engaging your community.

Equitable Community Engagement:

These resources summarize the theory and best practices you can use to develop a meaningful community engagement and co-ownership process.

Funding and Financing Opportunities:

Many resource-constrained local governments and community groups are unable to devote the staff and budget necessary to develop a housing electrification roadmap. Use these resources to identify and pursue funding opportunities from federal, state, and other sources.

Housing Equity, Affordability, and Displacement:

Housing electrification can either improve or exacerbate housing affordability. Ensuring electrification improves housing equity and affordability rather than exacerbating those issues is especially crucial given today’s extreme housing cost burdens. Use these resources to explore the connection between building electrification and the housing justice movement.

Workforce and Supply Chain Engagement:

Local governments must engage contractors, distributors, and manufacturers to promote high-road jobs, ensure disadvantaged workers have equitable opportunity to obtain these jobs, and establish sufficient supply chains to meet the rapidly growing demand. Use these resources to develop your understanding.

Outreach and Education Materials:

Community outreach and education is an essential effort toward building trust, understanding, and engagement on the complex topic of building electrification. This library includes communications resources and samples you can use to refine your approach.

California Content:

The Equitable Home Electrification Toolkit was originally developed for use in California. Communities in California can access nuanced state-specific resources from the original program here.

Consider reviewing American Cities Climate Challenge’s Tools and Resources, Atlas Public Policy’s Buildings Hub, Building Decarbonization Coalition’s Clean Building Compass, the City Energy Project’s Resource Page, Urban Sustainability Directors Network’s Projects Page, Institute for Market Transformation Building Performance Standard Resources (for multifamily), and ACEEE’s Energy Equity for Renters Toolkit for additional building electrification content.

Thank you to the following organizations whose materials are included in the content library – American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Arup, Association for Energy Affordability, Bassett Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Building Decarbonization Coalition, Building Electrification Institute, BlocPower, C40 Cities, California Housing Partnership, California Workforce Development Board, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy, Clean Energy Works, Climate Nexus, Comfort365, East Bay Community Energy, Energy+Environmental Economics, Elevate Energy, Facilitating Power, Greenlining Institute, Greenlink Analytics, HeatSmart Tompkins, Inclusive Economics, Mass Save, Michigan Saves, Natural Resources Defense Council, New York City PODER, Rewiring America, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Shute Mihaly & Weinberger, StopWaste, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, Upright Consulting Services, Urban Sustainability Directors Network – and the following municipalities: Alameda, CA; Ann Arbor, MI; Berkeley, CA; Denver, CO; Ithaca, NY; New York City, NY; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; San Luis Obispo, CA; and Seattle, WA.