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Dispatch from Nigeria

On a visit to Africa’s biggest economy, RMI’s Jon Creyts finds rising demand for solar solutions.


How Pension Funds Can Help Electrify Africa

Almost 600 million people in Africa do not have access to electricity. Bringing them clean, affordable, and reliable electricity will require massive investment. At the same time, African pension funds are actively seeking to…


Improving Reliability for Underserved Communities

Innovation in utility business models is more important than ever as underserved rural customers increasingly demand clean, affordable, and reliable electricity service. In one Nigerian community, a new model for optimizing rural supply can provide…


Nigeria’s First Commercial Undergrid Minigrid Project

The solar hybrid project in Mokoloki community is Nigeria’s first rural commercial undergrid minigrid, which came online in February 2020. Early evidence indicates the project will improve electricity service, support community development, and reduce utility…