Tessa Weiss

Tessa Weiss

Senior Associate
  • Climate-Aligned Industries

Tessa is a senior associate on RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries Program, where she supports the advancement of hydrogen to decarbonize the “hard-to-abate” sectors with a focus on steel manufacturing, fertilizer production, and maritime shipping. She leads the technoeconomic analysis on green hydrogen’s production, storage, transport, and optimized system design to understand the cost competitiveness of the technology, assess the life-cycle emissions of various hydrogen production pathways, evaluate the priority uses of hydrogen, and support the development of hydrogen hubs.


Prior to joining RMI, Tessa studied Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she gained a broad understanding of various clean energy technologies by designing small-scale nuclear reactors, analyzing the energy efficiency of buildings, researching thin film solar cells, and modeling urban energy flows. She also led the student engagement team at ClimateVoice, a nonprofit that mobilizes the workforce to encourage companies to act on climate.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Boulder, CO