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Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson

Senior Associate
  • Climate Intelligence

Marc Johnson is a Senior Associate with the Climate Intelligence program at RMI. Marc assists in advancing RMI’s work by leveraging emissions data to improve accountability for climate targets and catalyzing markets for low-emissions products and services.


Marc is a driven sustainability leader who has spent the majority of his career working on technological solutions to problems at the energy-water-food nexus. For the past several years, much of his work has focused on how frontier technologies can upend traditional business models to create more economic inclusion for underserved segments of the global population.


M.Sc., Sustainability Management, Columbia University

Additional Credentials:
Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 3 Standard
Greenhouse Gas Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard


Boulder, CO

Authored Works

For the EU’s Groundbreaking Climate Law, Data is Key

For years, manufacturers have watched with apprehension as the European Union debated a policy that could send shockwaves across the world’s heavy industries. Europe’s aim: to level the playing field between EU companies that pay for their carbon pollution and those overseas that don’t. Consider steel. Across Europe, steelmakers are…