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James Mitchell

  • Climate Aligned Industries

James works to align capital flows with climate targets through innovative research on climate risks and opportunities as well as highly ambitious cross-sector collaborations. James has played a leading role in the creation of the Poseidon Principles, the first global climate alignment agreement for financial institutions. James also manages the Reinventing Climate Finance and Coal Capital Transition initiatives.


James is a climate finance practitioner and thought leader on decarbonization. Prior to RMI, James held roles at the Carbon War Room and Oxford University Sustainable Finance Programme. This previous work—focusing largely on climate risks and opportunities—is incorporated into the strategies of some of the world’s largest funds and financiers. His research and thought leadership spanning multiple industries has been featured in top-tier publications globally. James has also held roles in East African microfinance and local government sustainability.


MSc, Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy, University of Oxford

BA, Environmental Studies (Summa Cum Laude), University of Missouri – Kansas City

BM, Cello Performance, Conservatory of Music and Dance, Kansas City, Missouri


Boulder, CO

Authored Works

A Year at Sea: The Poseidon Principles and the Possibilities of Sectoral Decarbonization

It’s the moment climate finance professionals live for: when an idea—an initiative—is turned into real world action by real world actors. A year after the Poseidon Principles were signed, 15 banking signatories have today disclosed their ship loan portfolios’ climate alignment scores for 2019. The release of the inaugural Poseidon Principles Climate Alignment Report allows us to reflect on the progress the…