Ashna Aggarwal

Ashna Aggarwal

Ashna Aggarwal is a former Senior Associate with the US Program at RMI. She developed and used open-source analytical tools to help policymakers accelerate the United States transition to clean energy.

Ashna is primarily worked on the development of state-level versions of the Energy Policy Simulator (EPS). The EPS measures the cost and emissions impacts of climate and energy policies.


Ashna recently received her Ph.D. from UCLA in geophysical fluid dynamics, where she developed and analyzed models to understand how jet streams form in the atmosphere. She was also the vice president of government affairs at the UCLA Science Policy Group, a group of graduate students who engage with issues at the intersection of science and policy.

Prior to UCLA, she was a researcher at various organizations and universities such as NASA and Harvard, where she was drawn to problems related to physics and Earth science.


Ph.D., Physics, UCLA
M.Sc., Physics, UCLA
B.Sc., Physics (with Honors), the College of William and Mary