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Global Energy Transitions

Because climate change is a global problem, RMI has been expanding its efforts around the world. We are working with top government officials and in-country partners to accelerate the transition of Caribbean island economies to local, renewable energy and create a blueprint for other isolated economies. In sub-Saharan Africa, we’re partnering with forward-thinking governments to improve electricity access for people who are underserved or have no access to electricity, and shifting the paradigm away from centralized, fossil-fueled national grids. And we are partnering with the Chinese government to help it profitably surpass its existing national energy and emissions targets, dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, and set a clear pathway for the developing world to follow.

people lack access to electricity globally
premature deaths in China from air pollution in 2015
average electricity cost in the Caribbean in $/kWh vs. $0.12/kWh in the U.S.
women and children breathe kerosene fumes daily

If every nation followed the development path of the U.S., Earth’s climate would heat beyond all saving. To save our planet from all those coal, oil, and gas emissions while powering human development, people around the world must leapfrog straight to the clean energy revolution.


Carbon Free Cities & States

Providing the technical assistance for cities and states to act on critical climate solutions now

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China Program

Supporting China in reducing its emissions and following a clean energy pathway

The Global Cooling Prize

Harnessing the power of innovation to improve people’s lives—providing accessible air conditioning solutions without leading to runaway climate change

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India's Mobility Transformation

Supporting India's ambitious renewable energy and clean mobility goals

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Islands Energy Program

Accelerating the transition of island economies from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables

SEED: Sustainable Energy for Economic Development

Helping governments in developing countries, beginning in sub-Saharan Africa, expand access to clean, reliable electricity


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The RMI Difference

We are an independent, objective nonprofit organization. We have guided governments and industry toward clean-energy and energy-efficiency solutions for 35 years by working directly with governments, utilities, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations. We tackle the toughest energy challenges to create a clean, prosperous, and secure energy economy for all. Together, we offer a unique combination of skills in energy resource planning, project development, construction implementation, and business services, and we have relationships with leading engineering firms in the power-generation and transportation sectors. Our experience and expertise allow us to act as a trusted advisor to countries and communities as they begin their journey to a clean energy future.

Features and News


Carbon-Free Cities

RMI's Carbon-Free Cities video highlights work from four cities—Oslo, Beijing, New York, and Delhi—that are leading the efforts against climate change with on-the-ground innovative projects.


Saint Lucia Case Study

Charting a pathway for Saint Lucia's energy system—this case study demonstrates that energy systems which incorporate renewables can lead to a lower cost system.


Energy Within Reach: Growing the Mini-grid Market in Sub-Saharan Africa

Minigrids can be the least-cost option for electricity access for millions of people who lack access to reliable electricity. However, market penetration remains low. This report shows how concerted effort by the private, public, and development sectors can unlock the potential of minigrids in sub-Saharan Africa.