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Empowering Customers to Choose Clean Energy

How clean is the electricity you are using right now? The answer changes continuously. Yet now, for the first time, that question can be answered with WattTime technology.

What Is WattTime?

With WattTime, energy customers have the freedom to choose the power they consume for the first time, signaling a true paradigm shift in clean energy access. This is made possible by WattTime’s software that automatically tracks the actual emissions impacts associated with electricity use—both in real time and with ahead-of-time predictions—enabling us to use and charge devices and appliances at times when our electricity is the cleanest.

Why It Matters

There is no single more important factor in curbing climate change than mitigating carbon emissions. In spite of the promise of a cleaner, more customer-centric energy system, we—the customer—know very little about the carbon impact of our energy use, and have no power to decide where our energy comes from at any given point in time. That’s about to change.

Who's Involved

WattTime was co-founded by Gavin McCormick at UC Berkeley with the mission to unlock the power of energy consumers to choose the electric they use. WattTime joined Rocky Mountain Institute as a subsidiary organization in 2017 and today, the company continues to grow to nearly a dozen employees based from their office in Oakland, CA.



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