Report | 2002

North Central Arizona Water Demand Study


This report describes the situation of water resource stakeholders in the Coconino Plateau and the issues of how to provide sufficient water for current and future needs. Recent droughts, environmental concerns, population and economic growth all raise concerns over the adequacy of water supplies. Conservation and alternative supplies such as wastewater reclamation are important water management strategies in local communities, but have received little attention at the regional level to date. The North Central Arizona Water Demand Study, Phase I, contributes to the discussion by reviewing how water is currently provided and used for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial purposes on non-reservation lands of the Coconino Plateau, in the area roughly bounded on the south by the Mogollon Rim, on the north by the Colorado River, on the west by the Aubrey Cliffs, and on the east by the communities of Winona toward the south and Page to the north. This report also describes and evaluates water conservation activities in the study area, and summarizes current and anticipated implementation of alternative supply systems. It sets out a recommended water demand forecasting methodology for a future study.