Report | 2023

Methane Emissions Mitigation in China’s Energy Sector

Methane Emissions Mitigation Approaches across Multiple Dimensions in China’s Energy Sector

By Minhui GaoYihan Hao, Ting Li, Wei Wang
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China’s anthropogenic methane emissions totaled ~56 Mt in 2022, approximately 15.6 percent of the global total. The energy sector of China is the largest contributor to its human-made methane emissions, accounting for 46 percent.

To tackle methane emissions from China’s energy sector, RMI proposes measures across five dimensions. The energy sector should optimize energy production and consumption by accelerating energy transition and establishing procurement principles, thereby maximizing the synergistic effect of energy transition on methane emissions reduction. It should enhance the economic viability and applicability of mitigation technologies through market mechanisms to promote project construction and fully realize the climate value of methane reduction. And it should break down information barriers and enhance transparency through improved information disclosure and international cooperation, facilitating cross-sector comparisons and motivating companies to actively engage in mitigation efforts.