Presentation | 2000

La Pine Community Design Charrette


This presentation provides an example of one community that used an RMI Charrette to design a town center, a pedestrian-friendly highway, and the location of future public facilities. A community design charrette brings the wisdom and experience of local residents together with the technical expertise of outsiders to solve local design problems. In particular, the La Pine charrette supported the community’s Strategic Plan by offering greater detail for future decisions. Its results, offered here, suggest the locations for, and relationships among an array of prospective community projects. Charrette results suggest development nodes, ways to increase community “walk-ability,” support local business, increase pedestrian safety on portions of the nearby highway, connect the community more directly with its natural surroundings, and strengthen the community’s gateways. This report includes photos, drawings, and text that describe community design principles, La Pine’s vision and goals, the public facilities it hopes to build, the design process and results, and next steps.