Report | 2014

Integrated Utility Service Model

By Stephen Abbott

This session reviewed the work that Fort Collins Utilities (FCU) did to develop a new business model titled, “Integrated Utility Services” (IUS). In the IUS model, the utility would deliver integrated packages of solar and efficiency to customers using on-bill repayment and delivering savings from day one. This business model would diversify the utility’s business model by providing new revenue from service charges for the solar and efficiency, while at the same time delivering savings to customers. Fort Collins Utilities has been working on this e-Lab project for over a year, and shared a draft of the final report. In attendance were representatives from SMUD, Avista, Duke, ConEd, and others. The goal was to have a practical discussion about how these and other utilities could deliver new services to their customers in this or similar ways, and to provide structured feedback to FCU and RMI on the proposed IUS business model for Fort Collins.