Report | 2018

The Consumer Connection: A Consumer-Centric Approach to Delivering Home Energy Services

By Dr. Lauren CheathamJacob CorvidaeLaurie Stone
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As contractors, utilities, energy auditors, and more try to get people to invest in energy efficiency upgrades, there is a certain path consumers follow from being interested in the technology to actually investing in and implementing the technology. RMI’s latest report helps these stakeholders understand this pathway and recognize when and how to engage customers, who the best person is to convey the information, and what the most likely financing options are in order to spur adoption of residential energy efficiency upgrades.

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Why It Matters

Two-thirds of US homeowners consider home energy performance a top priority, but few actually take action to improve home energy use. And those who have implemented efficiency improvements seldom invest in whole-home energy upgrades. RMI’s latest report describes the consumer-centered approach that is needed to unlock the market for energy upgrades.