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Laurie Stone

Senior Writer/Editor
  • Communications

Laurie is a Senior Writer/Editor for Rocky Mountain Institute.


Laurie has over 20 years of experience in renewable energy technologies. Prior to joining RMI, Laurie was the International Program Manager for Solar Energy International (SEI), where she organized renewable energy trainings around the world. She also wrote articles for environmental magazines and was green building editor for Home Power magazine.

Laurie has extensive experience working on and documenting rural electrification renewable energy projects throughout Latin America. She spent a year installing solar rural electrification systems in repatriated refugee communities in El Salvador with an organization she cofounded called Solar Community Projects, and spent a year working on solar water distillation at the Engineering University in Managua, Nicaragua. Laurie has also led renewable energy and energy efficiency tours of Cuba with Eco-Cuba Network since 1996. Laurie currently serves as an advisory board member to Remote Energy, a nonprofit organization serving as a technical/teaching arm for organizations that are working on international clean energy programs.


M.Sc., Energy Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

BA, Mathematics, Colorado College

Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow


Basalt, CO



Why I Love Working At RMI

“The best thing about working at RMI is knowing that I am part of transforming the energy system and creating a better future for not only my son but all the children on the planet.”

Authored Works
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Up to Our Necks in Water

From more intense hurricanes to the danger that sea level rise will inundate entire communities, climate change is an existential threat to islands around the world. And since this has been clear for a long time, in 2009, as part of COP16—the United Nations climate change conference—developed countries committed to…


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Pat Brandon has been hauling wine from Sonoma to Napa county for 10 years as a driver for Biagi Bros. But now, he is doing it in an electric truck and couldn’t be prouder. “The first time I ever drove this truck I was like, ‘What, you picked me to…


Growing a Zero-Emissions Transportation Ecosystem in Cincinnati

Pull up to an electric vehicle charging station in Cincinnati, and that station may have been delivered by the city’s first 100 percent electric truck. Servall Electric—a residential, commercial, and industrial electric company that has served the tristate area around Cincinnati for generations—is helping the city electrify in more…

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Mike Roeth: Decarbonizing Trucking from the Road

Mike Roeth has clocked thousands of miles pulling his solar-powered recreational vehicle around the country in his quest to make trucking cleaner and more efficient. For some it may seem strange that an effort to curb fuel takes fuel, since Roeth pulls his RV with a diesel-powered Ford F-250. But…


Keeping the Lights on during Hurricanes

As Hurricane Grace and Tropical Storm Henri cause destruction up and down the Atlantic, people living on islands and coastal territories must prepare for an above average hurricane season. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that we could see up to ten hurricanes in the…


The Urgent Need to Clean Up Transportation

The bold EV targets set by President Biden today that 50 percent of all new vehicles in 2030 be electric underscore the growing consensus that we must rapidly electrify transportation. Three major automakers—GM, Ford, and Stellantis—also issued a joint statement committing to 40 to 50 percent electric vehicle sales by…


Getting More Solar on Rooftops Across the Country

To meet the US goal of decarbonizing the power sector by 2035, we need to rapidly green the grid. A large part of that means installing more solar PV systems on rooftops across the country. Unfortunately, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to the permitting process…


Ridehailing Drivers Will Go Electric—If We Build the Charging Stations

Michelle Pierce, a retired electrical engineer living in Southern California, is a passionate EV advocate. She started driving an electric vehicle for Lyft because she wanted to expose more people to electric vehicles and demonstrate the benefits of EVs. In 2017, Pierce rented a Chevy Bolt through the former Maven…

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Putting Equity Front and Center of Climate Change Solutions

As organizations around the world work toward keeping temperature rise to 1.5°C, we are faced with the challenge of ensuring that clean energy strategies benefit all. That is why it is crucial that any work to combat climate change and move the energy transition forward keep equity front and center.