Incentive Stacking Resources for Clean Buildings

A repository for federal, RMI, and external resources on how to “stack” or combine federal programs and incentives for building electrification and decarbonization. If you’re a state agency seeking stacking support or tailored analysis, please contact us at

An unprecedented amount of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and existing state and utility funding is available to decarbonize our homes, offices, and countless other buildings. These structures are responsible for 35 percent of US energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, making them a critical pillar of the energy transition.

When households are cashing in on multiple incentives for one retrofit project (i.e., “stacking”), households will pay less for home upgrades. However, households need efficient and easy access to maximize incentive uptake. RMI, the federal government, and other stakeholders have developed resources and guidance to support state energy offices, incentive program administrators, and communities in understanding and easing barriers to incentive stacking. This webpage is a clearinghouse of available resources on the topic.

Federal Guidance and Resources
It is important to note that these federal programs occasionally receive updates from their authorizing agency and further guidelines from DOE, Treasury, and other agencies that may impact program stackability. Program designers and administrators, contractors, and consumers should always ensure they are working with the latest rules and guidelines from federal agencies regarding program and funding stacking.

RMI Resources

Funding Our Future: Creating a One-Stop Shop for Whole-Home Retrofits

An Introduction to the Concept of Whole-Home Retrofits & Stacking

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Gaps and Barriers to Stacking Federal, State, and Local Incentives

To deliver effective, more affordable retrofits, residents need to combine (i.e., stack) as many incentives as they qualify for and access them in an efficient, user-friendly manner.

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An Opportunity to Make Home Retrofits More Affordable

State energy offices can stack Inflation Reduction Act incentives to maximize home energy upgrades and savings.

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Pathways to Equity and Savings for Low-Income Households

How tax incentives and updated standards are changing home construction.

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