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Webinar: The Low Hanging Fruit You’ve Been Missing

Tuesday, September 26, 12:00–1:30 p.m. ET (Virtual)

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RMI and Industrious Labs are hosting a webinar “The Low Hanging Fruit You’ve Been Missing: State-led Solutions to Tackle Dangerous Climate Pollution from Landfills, Create Economic Opportunity & Benefit Communities.” Does your state have waste that ends up in a landfill or incinerator? Have a climate action plan to address greenhouse gas reduction and environmental justice goals? Join Gina McCarthy, former White House national climate advisor and EPA administrator, and engage with a “solutions” panel of practitioners and advocates to examine data, dig into regulatory approaches, learn how states can make the most of IRA federal funding, and explore policies that ensure the highest, most beneficial use of organic waste.

Conference: GreenBuild

Tuesday–Friday, September 26–29, 2023 (In-person; Washington, DC; $)

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Join us at the 2023 Greenbuild International Conference + Expo, the largest event for green building professionals worldwide. RMI will host sessions sharing innovative strategies for positive change in building design, construction, and operation. This event is a chance to celebrate USGBC’s 30th anniversary and the debut of LEED v5, which RMI’s research helped shape!

RMI Speakers:

  • Victor Olgyay — Session: Beyond 101: Making Embodied Carbon Actionable – A Joint Research Report by RMI and USGBC
  • Chris Magwood and Eva Rosenbloom — Session: Transforming Existing Buildings into Climate Assets: Leveraging low embodied carbon and carbon-storing materials in building retrofits to reduce building emissions.
  • Anish Tilak — Session: How the US Federal Government is Leading on Addressing Embodied Emissions in Buildings
  • Edie Taylor — Session: The Electric Grid is Changing Fast, So Must Our Buildings!

Conference: HIRI Home Improvement Summit

Wednesday–Thursday, September 27–28 (In-person, Chicago, $)

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The HIRI Home Improvement Summit is the premier event delivering the latest insights into consumer attitudes, distribution channel shares, and housing macro-economics.

You’ll be hearing from experts in the industry, including RMI’s Lucas Toffoli, who will be discussing research-based guidance for understanding construction market drivers, foreseeing changes, and driving product and service strategy and innovation. Toffoli leads RMI’s Advanced Building Construction Collaborative, which brings together forward-looking people and organizations to modernize the construction industry and advance the buildings sector.

Webinar: ZEROgrid Informational Call

Thursday, September 28, 2023, 12:00–12:45 p.m. ET (Virtual)

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Join RMI and ZEROgrid partners for an informational session on ZEROgrid, its priorities and plans in the first year, and how you can get involved. We’ll be hosting a virtual session this September to share ways that you can join ZEROgrid ahead of our formal programming launch in late October. We’ll be joined by Rob Threlkeld, Director, Global Energy Strategy at General Motors as well as Megan Lorenzen, Director, Climate & Energy at Salesforce, for an engaging panel discussion — we look forward to seeing you there!

Conference: Hydrogen Americas Summit

Monday–Tuesday, October 2–3 (In-person; Washington, D.C.; $)

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Oleksiy Tatarenko, head of RMI’s Green Hydrogen Catapult, will moderate a Hydrogen Americas Summit panel titled “International Standards, Certification & Regulations to Facilitate Trade.” Tatarenko will help lead a discussion on the regulatory, safety, and standardization hurdles currently preventing clean hydrogen trade, the dissymmetry between the United States, the EU, and other geographies on clean hydrogen requirements, current work being done by regulators in the United States, the EU, and other geographies to create clarity surrounding certifications and standards of hydrogen, and opportunities to create alignment across EU/US regulatory schemes. 

The Hydrogen Americas Summit will convene over 3,000 industry leaders from across the value chain, including government representatives, hydrogen and energy stakeholders, service providers, and offtakers who will showcase their latest technologies, project developments and policies in green hydrogen. Co-hosted by the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), the event will serve as an opportunity for attendees to learn about the clean energy investment landscape, exchange the latest insights, and make their hydrogen projects a reality.  

Conference: Sustainable Aviation Futures North America Congress

Monday–Wednesday, October 2–4 (In-person, Houston, $)

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Join us at Sustainable Aviation Futures North America for expert insights on the latest strategies for decarbonizing the aviation sector, key industry challenges and exciting opportunities for airlines, corporates and fuel producers.

RMI speakers include Bryan Fisher, who will give a keynote on lessons learned from our clean industrial hub work, Andrew Chen, who will speak on panels about the non-CO2 impact of aviation and aggregating sustainable aviation fuel demand through book and claim, and Aamir Shams presenting on a panel about scaling sustainable aviation fuel projects.

About Local Roots, Global Impact: How RMI Is Re-Energizing the World

Monday, October 9, 7pm MT (Basalt, Colorado; Free with RSVP)

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RMI’s quest is global, but our origins and our mission remain rooted right here in the Roaring Fork Valley. To learn how, join us at a live, intimate climate-and-cocktails event featuring Jon Creyts, RMI’s chief executive, along with a panel of global energy experts. In an open discussion, we’ll explore the connections between the global energy revolution and local transformations, with an eye on innovative financing. From the climate bill to multilateral funding, recent developments have changed how Roaring Fork Valley-based organizations can go green, while also catalyzing sustainable growth abroad, from the Caribbean to Africa and Asia.

Webinar: Third Derivative Startup Accelerator Info Session

Tuesday, October 17, 2:00 p.m. ET (Virtual)

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Join Third Derivative on Tuesday, October 17th to learn about our virtual, 18-month global climate tech accelerator program.

Discover how we connect the world’s most promising climate tech startups — like yours — with our network of committed investors, corporate partners, market experts, and mentors.

Third Derivative’s Startup Portfolio Manager Jamie Hankins and Research & Diligence Associate Raivat Singhania will share the ways your startup can benefit and how we review your application, spotlight our outstanding portfolio, and answer your pressing questions.

Conference: VERGE 2023

Tuesday–Thursday, October 24–26 (In person, San Jose, $)

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Every October, RMIers converge at the VERGE conference in San Jose, California. This hip climate tech convening, hosted by GreenBiz, describes itself as the “center of gravity for the climate community” and many of RMI’s corporate partners are among those in the VERGE ecosystem. The conference focuses on educating audiences about clean tech innovation and on implementing practical solutions via breakouts, tutorials, and other creative events. Friends of RMI receive a 20% discount on the cost of registration, use code V23RMI at checkout.

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