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Brownfields 2022

Wednesday, August 17-18, 2022

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Join RMI expert Matthew Popkin for two sessions at the Brownfields 2022 conference for a discussion about how landfill solar and brightfields can be part of a just energy transition. Learn about cities that have successfully implemented landfill solar, new findings on the technical potential for landfill solar from our recent report, and best practices, tools, and resources for how to implement landfill solar in your community.

Wednesday 8/17 from 11:10 AM to 11:25 AM CST
Panel: “Topic Talk: Let No Opportunity Go to Waste: How Landfill Solar Can Support Equitable Community Revitalization”

Thursday 8/18 from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM CST
Panel: “Roundtable: The Future of Landfills is Bright: How State and Local Governments Can Leverage Landfill Solar”

2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Sunday–Friday, August 21–26

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Roughly 70 percent of buildings that exist today in the United States will still exist in 2050. Therefore, whole-building retrofits are necessary to decarbonize and improve energy efficiency for the building sector. Yu Ann Tan and Lauren Reeg will speak on a panel moderated by Martha Campbell to explore barriers that remain and the inroads being made to scale whole-building zero-carbon retrofits.

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