Webinar: Committed to Reducing Embodied Carbon Emissions? Join the Pre-Launch of HomebuildersCAN, an RMI Initiative

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Join us as homebuilder and embodied carbon expert Chris Magwood introduces HomebuildersCAN: a supportive Carbon Action Network initiative. Developed by RMI with an industry stakeholder group, HomebuildersCAN will support builders as they learn about embodied carbon and provide the industry with a consistent approach to incorporate embodied carbon into decarbonization strategies. The program will assist members in three key areas:

  1. increasing performance on embodied emissions from new homes,
  2. advocating for alignment across the sector, and
  3. adopting and scaling profitable climate-smart building practices.

Meeting climate targets requires that the building construction industry addresses embodied carbon emissions for holistic sector decarbonization, in line with RMI’s mission to secure a clean, prosperous, and zero-carbon future for all.

Express your interest to get involved with the HomebuildersCAN program by filling out this form. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Magwood (cmagwood@rmi.org).

Click here for the HomebuildersCan program website.


Buildings | March 27, 2023

Embodied Carbon 101: Building Materials

Embodied carbon represents the millions of tons of carbon emissions released during the lifecycle of building materials, including extraction, manufacturing, transport, construction, and disposal.

VIDEO: Committed to Reducing Embodied Carbon Emissions? Join the HomebuildersCAN Launch, an RMI Initiative

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POWERPOINT: HomebuildersCAN Introductory Webinar

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