Responding to the Global Stocktake: Mobilizing Finance at Speed and Scale

  • In-person
  • Pacific Moana Pavilion, COP28 Blue Zone, Dubai, UAE

About This Event

At COP28, climate finance is again at the top of agenda. With the release of the Global Stocktake, it is clear that urgent climate action at an unprecedented scale and pace is required to course correct and ensure Island nations’ survival. Finance is critical to enable this step change.

In the Pacific, our leaders have made it clear that access to climate finance remains a top priority. While discussion of climate finance flows in the region has largely centered on scaling up investments and accelerating access to climate finance, this event aims to push discussion to explore innovative financial mechanisms and approaches that are relevant, specific, and timely for the Pacific. It creates a space where bold ideas and solutions can be brought to light. Panelists address financial mechanisms, such as blue bonds, debt-for-nature swaps, regional and national fund structures, and the importance of long-term, lasting capacity building that focuses on country needs and maintaining country talent. Conversation encompasses practical approaches to accessing finance that challenge the status quo and present opportunities to scale.

This panel is comprised of country representatives, regional experts, civil society, and finance and energy practitioners.


Hon. Siaosi ‘Ofakivahafolau Sovaleni

Tonga Prime Minister and Pacific High Level Political Champion on Climate Finance (Opening Remarks)

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Coral Pasisi

Director of Climate Change and Sustainability, Pacific Community

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Anne Rasmussen

AOSIS Lead Negotiator

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Cate Rogers

Assistant Secretary for Climate Resilience and Finance, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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Phonesavanh Latmany

CFAN Advisor to Papua New Guinea

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Laetitia De Marez

Senior Program Director, Climate Finance Access Network, RMI (Moderator)

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Global South | March 9, 2022

Climate Action through Local Ownership

The recent IPCC report has made it clear that there is a narrowing window of opportunity for us to act on climate adaptation and resilience — and that it is an important one for us to seize.

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