Conference: GreenBuild

  • Tue, September 26
  • In-person

About This Event

Join us at the 2023 Greenbuild International Conference + Expo, the largest event for green building professionals worldwide. RMI will host sessions sharing innovative strategies for positive change in building design, construction, and operation. This event is a chance to celebrate USGBC’s 30th anniversary and the debut of LEED v5, which RMI’s research helped shape!

RMI Speakers:

  • Victor Olgyay — Session: Beyond 101: Making Embodied Carbon Actionable – A Joint Research Report by RMI and USGBC
  • Chris Magwood and Eva Rosenbloom — Session: Transforming Existing Buildings into Climate Assets: Leveraging low embodied carbon and carbon-storing materials in building retrofits to reduce building emissions.
  • Anish Tilak — Session: How the US Federal Government is Leading on Addressing Embodied Emissions in Buildings
  • Edie Taylor — Session: The Electric Grid is Changing Fast, So Must Our Buildings!