Accelerating the Energy Transition in the Critical Decade: Raising Ambition and Implementing at Scale

  • In-person
  • NDC Partnership Pavilion, COP28 Blue Zone, Dubai, UAE

About This Event

The Global Stocktake synthesis report states that both collectively and individually, countries’ actions and commitments are insufficient to meet the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. With energy emissions at an all-time high and the devastating impacts of climate change being felt across the globe, world leaders are being urged to take decisive action at COP28. This includes calls for a new, ambitious target: to triple global renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency by 2030.

With the pressure on and stakes high, this event serves as a platform to discuss how such a target can enhance ambition in the revised nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and how its implementation can start expeditiously after COP28.

The session focuses on:

  1. Integrating within existing commitments — how a new renewable energy goal would impact the revision and implementation of NDCs and foster increased ambition;
  2. Creating an enabling environment — the necessary policy measures and regulations to facilitate rapid deployment of renewable energy technology;
  3. Transcending energy project barriers —  the development and de-risking of bankable renewable energy project and program pipelines at scale; and
  4. Prioritizing national and local needs — how to ensure that these projects meet country commitments and enhance resilience while sustaining meaningful employment and livelihoods in line with a just transition.

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Xing Fu-Bertaux

Director (Energy Diplomacy), International Energy Programme, European Climate Foundation

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Gareth Walsh

Director, Energy & Climate, Tony Blair Institute

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Bruce Douglas

CEO, Global Renewables Alliance

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Laetitia De Marez

Senior Director, Climate Finance Access Network and Islands Energy Program, RMI

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Spencer Thomas

Ambassador and Special Envoy for MEAs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grenada

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Eric Wanless

Head, Solutions, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet

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