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Islands are Providing Bold Solutions to the World’s Climate Problems

Small island countries have done the least to cause climate change but are bearing the burden of its consequences. Nowhere is this more evident than in their electricity grids, which are centralized and have been predominantly powered by fossil fuels. The most vulnerable populations tend to bear the biggest burden of power failures.

There are solutions.

Many island countries, including The Bahamas, are flipping the script from being the victims of climate change to leaders in more resilient, equitable, and clean energy futures by leading the transition away from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels to a diverse platform of clean energy and energy efficiency.

Rocky Mountain Institute is right there, along with partners Bahamas Power and Light and the Government of The Bahamas.

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Learn more about RMI's Islands Energy Program featured on CBS' 60 Minutes.

Webinar: Beyond 60 Minutes

Webinar: Beyond 60 Minutes

Rocky Mountain Institute’s Justin Locke, David Gumbs, and Chris Burgess alongside with Dr. Rhianna Neely, Climate Change Unit Director for the Government of The Bahamas dive deeper into the importance of resilience in island economies as they recover from hurricanes. They discuss their personal experiences working with communities to restore critical services, and how these lessons can help other island nations—and any country suffering from climate change—transition to resilient energy systems that are equitable, low cost, clean, and local.

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Your support is critical in helping islands recover from disaster and flip the script on their climate future—transforming them from victims of climate change to global leaders in clean, resilient, and affordable energy solutions.


Islands: Ground Zero for Global Energy Transition

Islands: Ground Zero for Global Energy Transition

"Islands are flipping the script."

Islands are providing the solutions to the world’s most difficult challenge: how to combat climate change. They are doing that by demonstrating that an economy can go from a fuel that is dirty, unhealthy, unreliable, and makes you more dependent on fossil fuels, to a new and modern fuel that is healthy, safe, and independent.

Watch the TEDx Talk from RMI’s Justin Locke to learn more.