Bermuda's Road to Clean Mobility and Energy

Bermuda has committed to 85 percent renewable energy by 2035. To achieve this, the nation has committed to 21 MW of solar, 60 MW of wind, and 100 percent electric public transport by 2030* — reducing harmful emissions, slashing energy costs, and increasing local resilience.

In 2018, RMI was brought in as a partner to help plan clean energy commitments and projects to realize the benefits of resilient, affordable, and clean energy both locally and globally. Below we celebrate key milestones of two notable initiatives — the airport finger solar project and the public electric bus project — progressing Bermuda toward a resilient, self-sufficient, clean future.

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*21 MW of solar can power approximately 12,600 homes per year, while 60 MW of wind can power approximately 60,000 homes per year.

  • Bermuda aerial view

    Year 2008

    Bermuda sets a vision to transition the country to renewable energy

    This vision embodies multisector support with the goal of energy security, cost savings, and sustainability for all.
  • roof solar panels

    Year 2016

    Bermuda signs electricity act to formally regulate electricity sales and catalyze clean energy

    Bermuda enacts new policy to formally establish the regulator, set equitable tariffs, and promote the transition to clean energy. Learn More.
  • aerial view of Bermuda airport

    December 2016

    Bermuda seeks developer for a 6 MW solar farm

    The Government of Bermuda seeks to harness the sun’s energy to meet 13 percent of the island’s energy needs. Learn More.
  • technician working on solar panel

    June 2018

    Bermuda selects airport finger solar developer

    At the project signing, the Government of Bermuda highlights how the solar farm will benefit Bermuda — including job creation for the local economy. Learn More.
  • RMI meeting with Bermuda government

    November 2018

    Bermuda partners with RMI toward cleaner mobility and electricity

    The Bermuda Ministry of Home Affairs and RMI embark on the journey to transform Bermuda’s energy system starting with two clean energy projects: electrifying the public bus fleet and creating a more resilient, renewable grid. Learn More.
  • pre-development look at future solar farm in Bermuda

    May 2019

    Construction of 6 MW airport finger solar facility begins

    The Government of Bermuda and the local utility break ground on a 19-acre solar farm, made up of 24,000 panels, designed to create resilient, reliable energy. Learn More
  • Bermuda solar field

    June 2019

    Bermuda Commits to 85 Percent Renewable Energy by 2035

    Bermuda’s Integrated Resource Plan goes into effect, offering up eight viable pathways to meet the nation’s target of 85 percent renewable energy by 2035.
  • one of the new EV buses charging

    March 2021

    Bermuda commits to purchase 30 public electric buses

    The Government of Bermuda announces its commitment to electrify over one-third of its public bus fleet with the purchase of 30 public electric buses. This marks the first pivotal component in the nation’s multiyear strategy to fully electrify the public transit fleet.
  • EV bus in production

    August 2021

    Production of electric buses begin

    The government selects Golden Dragon Bus Company in China, which begins production of the first 30 buses.
  • EV buses arrive in Bermuda

    November 2021

    Electric buses take the sea to Bermuda

    Electric buses are complete and sail from Xiamen, China, to Hamilton, Bermuda.
  • Bermuda solar field

    December 2021

    The Airport solar finger facility starts producing energy

    The 6 MW solar farm, located by the L.F. Wade International Airport in St. George, begins producing clean power. With this system, Bermuda commissions nearly 30 percent of the solar capacity necessary to achieve its goal of 85 percent renewable energy.
  • Hamilton, Beach Bermuda

    February 2022

    Bermuda surpasses 7 MW of solar

    Hundreds of Bermudian homes and businesses experience the benefits of clean, reliable electricity.
  • Bermuda officials accepting the delivery of new EV buses

    February 2022

    First buses arrive in Bermuda

    The first electric public buses arrive at the dock in Hamilton, Bermuda. The government celebrates their arrival with a press conference, spotlighting the impact the buses will have on the island. Learn More
  • EV bus driver greeting passengers

    April 2022

    Passengers experience daily commutes on electric buses

    The first electric buses enter public service, offering passengers quieter, cleaner, and more reliable rides. Learn More
  • Bermuda minister awarded

    April 2022

    Bermuda receives kudos at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

    The island wins the award for best utility-scale solar project for the solar finger project and Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban wins Caribbean Energy Leader MVP. Learn More
  • solar roofs on dockyard buildings

    May 2022

    Bermuda government commits to rooftop solar for 30 government buildings

    The Government of Bermuda is scheduled to publish the largest tender in the region for aggregated rooftop solar.
  • offshore wind turbines

    Year 2027

    Bermuda reaches goal to produce 60 MW of energy from offshore wind

    This amount of energy is enough to power 60,000 homes.
  • EV bus depot at Fort Langton

    Year 2030

    Bermuda's public bus fleet becomes 100% electric

    The nation will provide the blueprints for electrifying public transport in other island nations, cities, and countries across the globe.
  • Bermuda port

    Year 2035

    Bermuda reaches Its target of 85 percent clean, local energy.