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What Is the Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network?

The Women In Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network is a professional development group for women working in energy in island nations. WIRE is keenly focused on mentorship, peer-to-peer learning, and capacity development. WIRE currently operates in the Caribbean with plans to expand across geographies while maintaining an Islands-only network.

Why It Matters

Women around the world are disproportionately impacted by climate change. When it comes to the primary solution, according to IRENA, they make up only 32 percent of the renewable energy industry globally. This challenge stems from a range of issues including gender disparities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs, limited professional networks and mentoring opportunities, lack of career mobility, and wage inequality. This gender imbalance costs the energy sector a great loss of talent, ideas, and innovation that are sorely needed. In addition, gender equality in leadership is associated with growth in revenue. An Ernst and Young study reported that the top 20 most diverse utility companies outperformed less diverse companies by millions of dollars in profits.

That’s where WIRE comes in as island nations seek to transform their energy systems, working to empower women with the skills and networks they need to succeed in advancing the transition and taking on the right leadership roles.

Women professionals deserve a place at the table

WIRE was created to advocate for increased gender equality across the energy sector in corporations, governments, and utilities. We hope to, eventually increasing women’s representation in C-suites and boards, while ensuring a pipeline of empowered and experienced women to fill positions when they arise.


The WIRE Network works to eliminate barriers to entry and career advancement in sustainable energy by establishing a community of high-achieving and motivated women professionals. We do this by creating and facilitating opportunities for both personal and professional development for our membership and enabling the building of connections and collaboration. This approach helps to cultivate ambition and prepare women energy specialists on the rise to succeed through:

Mentorship and Networking

Commitments to Action

Technical Skills and Thought Leadership

Strategic Partnerships


Wire's Mentorship Program

Every year, 10 women are selected to participate in WIRE’s flagship mentorship and networking program. The WIRE Mentorship Program runs for two years with a mentor-mentee structured cohort, with mentees becoming mentors for the second year to make a 20-person cohort. Women in senior leadership positions are paired with mid-early career women for guidance in the clean energy sector and advisement on how to make the most of their professional opportunities. Over eighty women have participated in the program so far, and alumni continue to have an impact beyond the network on the ground in their localities.

Mentorship Program Application

If you are interested in participating in the 2022–2023 cohort, submit your application by October 13, 2022.

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