Resilient Leaders

Bold stories of local leaders driving the global clean energy transition

Series Intro

What is Resilience? In our pursuit to gain an answer, we ask the people living in it now.

Resilient Leaders - Global Impact

We’ve listened. We’ve learned. We’ve amplified. Now, how can we act?

Nigeria – Green Village Electricity

"People are now able to adapt their lifestyle to uninterrupted access to electricity."
- lfeanyi Orajaka, CEO

Puerto Rico – SESA-PR

“Choose the technologies that will make you quickly resilient.”
- Javier Rúa-Jovet, Chief Policy Officer

Nigeria – Clean Technology Hub

“It’s about changing lives—building people and building communities.”
- Ifeoma Malo, Founder & CEO

Bermuda – Government

“It’s about being prepared for disasters before they come.”
- Jeane Nikolai, Director of Energy

Ethiopia – Ethio Resource Group

“Resilience means survival.”
- Hilawe Tesema, Director of Projects

Turks and Caicos Islands – FortisTCI

“The beauty of the world that I witness, I want my son and his children to witness it too.”
- Rachell Roullet, VP

Nigeria – Rural Electrification Agency

“Young people—this is their space to innovate and embrace new technology.”
- Dr. Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director

Nigeria – Nayo Tropical Technology

“From a garage workshop into a regional player in the clean energy industry.”
- Okenwa Anayo Nas, Founder & CEO

The Bahamas – Government

"People-centered policy is going to prove most beneficial."
- Dr. Rhianna Neely, The Bahamas, Government of The Bahamas, Senior Environmental Officer with the Ministry of Environment and Housing

Nigeria – ACOB Lighting

“We have not lost track of our vision to build 100 minigrids in five years.”
- Alexander Obiechina, CEO

RMI’s Africa, Islands, and Southeast Asia program works with country partners to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions and increase energy access. Access to energy is essential to build local resilience and improve livelihoods.