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Run on Less Shows How Far Electric Trucking Has Come in 2021

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) third Run on Less event is an on-road, real-world demonstration for commercial battery electric trucks. It will showcase the current state of the technology and highlight the opportunity to accelerate adoption of zero-emissions freight movement.

Fort Wayne, IN – January 13, 2021

RMI and NACFE are announcing the third in their bi-annual Run on Less trucking demonstration run series. This year’s Run on Less will focus on electric trucking, with 10 dedicated trucks and their drivers reporting real-time data to show the current state of electric trucking technology in the freight industry.

Supported by title sponsors including Dana, Meritor, and Shell, the Run on Less—Electric (RoL-E) demonstration vehicles will include electric vans, medium-duty box trucks, and heavy-duty trucks moving freight in a variety of conditions and geographic areas. In order to increase electric truck adoption and deployment, RoL-E will help fleets, charging infrastructure companies, utility companies, and policymakers better understand the current benefits and challenges of hauling freight with electric trucks.

“Supply chain disruptions during the pandemic have shown all of us how essential freight movement is to our daily lives. We also know that this industry has an important journey ahead to decarbonize. The surest road to zero-emissions goods movement, and a 1.5° C future, is with battery-powered vehicles,” said RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst.

To complement the RoL-E demonstration and data collection components, RMI and NACFE will also host a series of virtual educational events (E-series) to convene industry stakeholders to discuss the why and how of electric truck deployments. An opportunity to learn from leaders in fleet electrification beyond the formal Run participants, the public E-series will include discussions with fleet managers, charging providers, utilities, engineering firms, policymakers, and more.

“Rather than a typical webinar where experts teach what they already know, the E-series will bring together stakeholders from across the industry to support innovation, collaboration, and the acceleration of zero-emissions goods movement,” says NACFE Board Chair and Schneider EVP & Chief Administrative Officer Rob Reich.

RMI and NACFE are currently seeking applications from fleets interested in participating in the Run. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for the event.

Learn more about Run on Less and apply to participate or support RoL-E at: www.runonless.com

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RMI & NACFE will hold a virtual press conference on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 11 a.m. EST. Join the press conference at: https://rmi-org.zoom.us/j/6552523260

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