Yuill Herbert

Guest Author

Yuill Herbert is a cofounder and principal of the Sustainability Solutions Group, a climate planning consultancy that has designed climate action plans and community energy and emissions plans for more than 60 municipalities, encompassing over 30 percent of the Canadian population. He led the development of the Roadmap for Low-Carbon Operations in the National Capital Region.

Yuill pioneered land-use and GHG emission planning in Canada, helped introduce the LEED for Homes rating system in Canada, and co-developed the Integrated Design Process course used throughout Canada and the United States. Yuill has worked on and led more than 40 community energy and GHG plans and models across Canada. He has leading expertise on climate change mitigation and adaptation systems modeling that incorporates energy, GHG emissions, and co-benefits.

Yuill serves as a director on the boards of the Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development, the Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation, and Tatamagouche Community Land Trust.

Authored Works