Yihan Hao

Yihan Hao

  • China Program

Yihan Hao is a principal leading RMI’s Subnational Carbon Neutral Demonstration initiative in China, developing and managing research and collaboration projects focused on enabling the rapid evolution of solutions on provincial carbon neutrality, regional zero-carbon demonstration, and corporate carbon-neutral actions. Yihan Hao has interdisciplinary experience in energy transition and urban development in both China and United States, with in-depth understanding of the institutional framework and investment environment for sustainable development in China.


Prior to joining RMI, Yihan Hao worked as a professional architect at Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. During this time, she has gained wide exposure to various types of municipal infrastructure projects, large-scale complex projects, and energy efficiency building projects, with a proven record of project coordination and liaisons with domestic and international stakeholders from industry and academia. Yihan has also been admitted to the Architecture Department of Tsinghua University.


Master of Architecture, Columbia University

B.A., Dartmouth College