Tierney Sheehan

Tierney Sheehan

Communications Specialist
  • Global South

Tierney Sheehan is a Communications Specialist for RMI’s Global South program. She supports the team in amplifying the reach and impact of their work in both the international and regional sphere through strategic communication efforts. Tierney specializes in social media strategy, social analytics, and story-driven video content.


Prior to joining RMI, Tierney interned at various nonprofit organizations and companies in the sustainable-food space, including Beyond Meat and the Good Food Institute. In both roles, she contributed to the companies’ marketing and innovative endeavors by creating brand content and conducting systematic analysis. At Beyond Meat, she supported the social media efforts around the launches of five nationwide food-service partnerships, including Dunkin’, KFC, and Subway.

Tierney has seven years of experience in film and video journalism and is passionate about sharing personal stories through compelling video content.

Tierney is excited to contribute to the RMI team as she is inspired by their holistic, equitable approach to securing a low-carbon future.


B.A., Communications (minor in Food Studies), University of California, Los Angeles

Awards: 2018–2019 Marcie Rothman Centennial Scholars Undergraduate Scholarship


Boulder, CO