shuyi li

Shuyi Li

  • China Program

Shuyi joined RMI in 2018 and is the principal of RMI’s China Program, heading the Industry Decarbonization Initiative. She leads RMI’s efforts to decarbonize China’s heavy industries, including steel, cement, petrochemicals & chemicals, and aluminum, covering the development of transition roadmaps, use case optimization for solutions such as hydrogen, CCUS, biomass, circular economy, etc., and support for corporate carbon-neutral strategies and actions.


Before joining RMI, Shuyi advised governments in industrial energy efficiency and low-carbon development. She also served as an expert fellow and mentor for EDF Climate Corps’ China Program, where she supported the phaseout of coal and switch to clean energy for IKEA’s suppliers in Mainland China. Shuyi has diverse experience working with government, industry, business, and academia. Currently, Shuyi is also a mentor for the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET).


Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and Economics (dual degree), Tsinghua University
Master of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University
Master of International Energy and Environmental Management, Mines ParisTech


Beijing, China

Why I Love Working At RMI

“I am most proud and inspired to contribute towards a clean, prosperous and low-carbon future with a group of innovative people.”