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Shuyi Li

  • China Program

Shuyi joined RMI’s China Program in 2018, working on industrial energy transition, hydrogen economy cultivation, and technology innovations in energy transition. She has participated as a core member in RMI and the Energy Transitions Commission’s project of China’s zero-carbon energy transition acceleration and co-authored the report “China 2050: A Fully Developed Rich Zero-Carbon Economy”. She is also key contributor to projects like innovations and investments in cities’ energy transition related industries, technologies and economics of zero-carbon hydrogen production and demand mapping in the industry sector.


Before joining RMI, Shuyi worked for Beijing Industrial Designing & Researching Institute, participating in consulting projects on energy efficiency and low-carbon development, supporting Beijing Development and Reform Committee’s work. She has also worked with Environmental Defense Fund to help over 60 suppliers of IKEA in China phase out coal and switch to clean energy. Besides, Shuyi has also worked in the field of sustainable development with organizations including WRI and Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning.


Bachelor of Economics (2nd degree), Tsinghua University

Master of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University

Master of International Energy and Environmental Management, Mines ParisTech


Beijing, China

Why I Love Working At RMI

“I am most proud and inspired to contribute towards a clean, prosperous and low-carbon future with a group of innovative people.”