Rohan Ford

Project Manager

In the role of project manager Rohan facilitates the development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects with key stakeholders in the Caribbean.


Rohan has over 8 years of experience as an environmental and business development professional with practice in a variety of multi-disciplinary energy and environmental projects. His entrepreneurial prowess and knack for stakeholder engagement brings great dynamism to the projects.

Before joining Rocky Mountain Institute, Rohan was the Business Development Manager at Megapower Limited. This start-up company, founded in 2013, based in Barbados, ushered in electric transportation to several Caribbean islands. As this was new, emerging technology Rohan had to work closely with Government, Utilities, and the private and public sector to creatively establish an enabling environment for electric transport.

Prior to that Rohan was a member of an integrated research team studying the social and ecological aspects towards managing Caribbean coral reefs in the face of climate change. The Future of Reefs in a Changing Environment (FORCE) was a board study with input from over 80 institutions worldwide. Rohan’s focus was on sustainable livelihood diversification and enhancement.

Rohan also sits on the board of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association. In this role he serves as an advocate for the transition to sustainable energy. His key activities include informing policy, championing public awareness, and facilitating stakeholder consultations.


Post graduate diploma, Natural Resource Management- Climate Change, The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus

B.Sc., Management Studies (Special), The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus


“When working with intelligent, progressive and talented individuals there is a sense that all possibilities can be realised through teamwork and dedication.”