Raivat Singhania

Raivat Singhania

  • Third Derivative

Raivat develops techno-economic models to analyze the economic feasibility and areas for cost reduction in various clean energy technologies, with expertise in the hydrogen sector. Using the knowledge gained from said models, Raivat develops investment briefs for D3’s large portfolio of investment partners to encourage investment in technology spaces D3 believes are strong candidates for next-generation clean energy technologies.
Raivat also conducts due diligence on startup applicants from the perspective of technological feasibility.


Raivat has a background in materials engineering with research in novel hydrogen generation technologies. He is a passionate rock climber and skier, and will take any chance to spend the day in the mountains. Originally from Singapore, Raivat moved to the United States for undergraduate and graduate school before securing a position at RMI.


BS, Materials Science & Engineering, Lehigh University
MS, Materials Science & Engineering, UC San Diego