Michael Banker

Michael Banker is a former Strategic Communications Manager. He lead marketing and communications strategy and execution for the Urban Transformation program at RMI. Urban Transformation works with climate-critical cities around the world to simultaneously reduce emissions, enhance urban livability, increase resilience, and advance social equity.


Michael’s background spans communications and marketing, grants administration, and environmental policy. Prior to joining RMI, he served as the Director of Communications/Media for the Gulf Research Program at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, where he led all internal and external communications, outreach, and dissemination activities. He also served as the Assistant Director and communications lead for the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources, where he facilitated support for a broad spectrum of environmental, energy, and natural resources initiatives.


MA, Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication, University of Minnesota

BA, Communication Arts and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin

Authored Works