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Mark Porter

Mark Porter

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Mark works with the Business Renewables Center (BRC) to raise awareness of the potential from non-utility buyers of power purchase agreements, and works with the BRC membership to develop tools and resources for all market actors to increase transaction efficiency of corporate purchasing of renewable energy.


In 2007, Mark combined personal passion with professional background and joined Ernst & Young’s Renewable Energy Advisory Group. Mark supported finance raising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) events, financial modelling, and sector-specific consulting. Mark worked with this Group for three years in the UK and Europe, and a further six years in Canada and the U.S. before joining Rocky Mountain Institute.


Association of Chartered Certified Professionals, Reed Business School


Boulder, CO



Why I Love Working At RMI

The ability to combine exhaustive technical rigour with sustainable business models to drive impactful change in the global energy sector.

Authored Works

Fear Not the Decahedron of Truth

During Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center’s (BRC’s) fourth Buyer’s Boot Camp, participants were presented with the “Decahedron of Truth.” Ponder that phrase a moment. Does the terrifying prospect of a work-mandated, metaphysical, bare-all group confession intervention come to mind? Or perhaps an obscure string theory aspect of quantum gravity?…


China’s Move Away from Voluntary Green Certificates: Implications for Corporate Renewable Procurement

On March 23, 2018, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) released for comment a draft of a groundbreaking national policy, the Renewable Portfolio Standard and Assessment Methods (the “draft policy”), that would create a market for renewable energy certificates (RECs). The new REC market is a positive signal and could be…


Perfect Timing for Renewables

As climate action and the commitment to hit our targets gains ground in Canada, including the federal government’s commitment to phase out coal, companies required to meet carbon and environmental obligations have realistic options worth considering. Renewable energy prices are dropping—making it easier to purchase renewable energy to meet customer…


Banking on Renewables: Inside a Milestone Renewable Energy Deal

Last week, Goldman Sachs (GS) became the first U.S. bank to sign a large-scale, off-site renewable energy power purchase agreement (PPA) to enable the development of a new 68 megawatt (MW) Pennsylvania wind farm. At a time when many large companies are looking to renewables to help fulfill ambitious sustainability…