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Marijke Jongbloed

Art Director
  • Communications

Marijke is Art Director at RMI. She joined the team in may of 2015 and is part of the design team, which supports the institute’s strategic communications and thought leadership initiatives by providing expert design and marketing services. She and her team are responsible for ensuring all of RMI’s publications—including white papers, research reports, journal articles, and marketing materials—are clear, recognizable, and effective.


With a background in investigative journalism, graphic design and social design, Marijke brings an array of skills and knowledge to RMI to help further the institute’s cause. Prior to joining RMI, Marijke worked as a graphic designer in her native country of The Netherlands and worked on multiple European design award winning projects. She has specialized in Social Design, to be a versatile, critical and socially involved expert in visual communication.


B.A., Graphic Design, Utrecht School of Arts, Graduated with Honors

B.A., Investigative Journalism, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Cum Laude

Why I Love Working At RMI

“The need for RMI’s work continues unabated. I feel lucky to be able apply my talents to transform industries and develop a sustainable future now and for future generations.”