Lindsay Rasmussen

Lindsay Rasmussen

  • Urban Transformation

Lindsay Rasmussen is an Associate on RMI’s Urban Transformation team, which works to put cities on a path to meet ambitious equity and climate action goals. Her projects focus on nature-based solutions, city cooling and reducing the urban heat island effect, embodied carbon, and urban planning and policy for meeting 1.5°C targets.


Lindsay’s background is in architecture and high-performance design. Prior to joining RMI, Lindsay worked for Architecture 2030, a nonprofit dedicated to rapidly decarbonizing the global built environment, where she managed the organization’s education and embodied carbon initiatives.

Among her most recent projects, she managed a global online conference on comprehensive building-sector decarbonization. And she led the research for and development of the Carbon Smart Materials Palette, which identifies attribute-based approaches to embodied carbon reductions in both high-impact and “carbon-smart” materials. She also organized and co-facilitated a leadership summit focused on wood, forestry, and the climate impacts and benefits of scaling mass timber.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Oregon (minor in Environmental Studies)

Certified Passive House Consultant
Associate AIA member
Previously an advisory member of the AIA Materials Knowledge Working Group


Santa Fe, NM

Authored Works