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Kate Mark

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Kate joined RMI in July 2016 after operating her remote business administration and communications consultancy—Delegate to Kate—for three years. She is a Communications Associate within the Business Renewables Center (BRC) where she strives to galvanize positive action in the corporate renewable energy procurement market by keeping stakeholders well-informed on the center’s value, product offerings, achievements, and commentary. Kate liaises with BRC leaders, authors, and RMI’s editorial, design, digital, and media teams to create accurate and relevant communications for online and offline platforms. She has also supported the Mobility Transformation and Energy Web Foundation programs at RMI.


With 20+ years’ experience, Kate previously worked at Clipper Windpower, supporting a large operations team and senior executives. Prior to Clipper, she was with the Mind & Life Institute where she planned, promoted, and implemented large and small-scale events that illuminated the fascinating intersection between neuroscience and meditation. Earlier, she was a key player in the artificial intelligence team of HNC Software (acquired by Fair Isaac Corporation), adding value through project coordination, technical book editing and production, and public promotion of R&D developments.

Kate is an ardent student of brain and body wellness, and spends her time outside of work researching the latest discoveries on these topics, as well as hiking, writing, or taiko drumming.


BFA, University of Connecticut, Storrs

Climate Reality Corps Leadership Certificate, Denver, CO


Boulder, CO

Why I Love Working At RMI

“Day by day, in each tiny way, planting the seeds of change that can grow into a healthier and more sustainable energy future.”

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