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Ji Chen

Dr. Chen Ji is a former Principal in RMI’s China Program. He worked on enabling policy makers, investors and cooperates to act on energy transition towards net-zero-carbon 2050, particularly in harder-to-abate sectors. He has been working in the field of energy and climate change for more than 10 years.


Before joining RMI, he respectively worked in the climate change department of the National Development Reform Commission, the National Centre for Climate Change Strategy, and International Cooperation and Centre for Industrial Energy Efficiency. He was a senior member of the Chinese delegation for UN climate change negotiation and negotiated the Paris Agreement. He also either led or participated in numerous consulting projects for China’s national and local governments and companies as well as international agencies.


PhD, Energy and Environment Economics, Dundee University

MSc, Environmental Economics and Management, York University

BEng, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.