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Jason Prince

  • Electricity

Jason works in RMI’s electricity practice, where he focuses on DER deployment and integrated grid planning. He was a lead author on RMI’s Non-Wires Solutions Implementation Playbook, and also supports innovative procurement of solar+storage solutions on behalf of electric cooperatives in Texas.


Before joining RMI, Jason worked on the Global Capital Markets team at SolarCity in San Francisco where he structured an innovative debt-financing to help risk-manage their renewable energy credit (REC) portfolio. He also analyzed various US state incentive policies to inform new market development and direct lobbying efforts. Prior to SolarCity, Jason worked at the energy financial service firm Karbone in New York City, where he started interning as a broker and ended up leading the research group. At Karbone, he grew the consulting practice to provide energy and environmental market advisory to developers, financiers, and corporate clients. As an independent consultant, Jason has also worked on renewable fuels, combined-heat and power, and solar markets across the US and Canada.


BA International Development and Environment, McGill University

MS Sustainability Management, Columbia University


I am incredibly proud to be part of a team that is tackling the breadth of key environmental issues by leading the way on sustainable market-based solutions.

Authored Works
Outlet Blog Post

Learning from Aloha: Hawaii’s Energy Transformation

In March 2011, a massive 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan precipitated a cascading series of events that ultimately sparked Hawaii’s rooftop solar boom more than 4,000 miles away. As Japan shuttered its nuclear fleet and ramped up production from its oil-fired generators, global demand for oil increased, and…


The Non-Wires Solutions Implementation Playbook

For the past decade, regulated utilities have spent an average of $55 billion annually upgrading their distribution, transmission, and generation infrastructure to meet customer needs.     The largest share of this investment has been in distribution infrastructure to maintain and modernize the last-mile networks that deliver energy…