Jacob Kasti

Software Developer
  • Climate-Aligned Finance

Jacob is a software developer on the PACTA Program, which measures the alignment of financial portfolios with climate goals based on forward-looking production data. He contributes code and analysis to the software solutions offered to banks, investors, and regulatory authorities. Beyond software development, Jacob runs applications of the methodology, usually with national regulators or central banks.


Before joining RMI, Jacob worked as a senior data scientist for the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative (2DII), an international think tank focused on sustainable finance. 2DII was the previous steward of the PACTA Program before it was acquired by RMI, and Jacob has contributed to PACTA in that role in the past. He was also responsible for the development and road testing of a climate transition risk stress test model at 2DII, which was applied with several private and public sector entities.
Before that, Jacob worked for a technology startup focusing on web-based public opinion research, assuming various roles from product owner to data scientist and building the initial data team.


MS, Economics, Free University of Berlin