Holmes Hummel

Principle at Clean Energy Works

Dr. Holmes Hummel is the founder of Clean Energy Works, a social enterprise that accelerates investment in distributed energy solutions and provides advisory services to utility executives, public interest advocates, and policy-makers who seek those opportunities. Previously, Holmes served for four years as the Senior Policy Advisor post in the Department of Energy’s policy office, and among other responsibilities, Holmes led the agency’s finance working group. Following federal service, Holmes won a Fire Award for high impact innovation at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit championing Pay As You Save® (PAYS®), an inclusive financing solution developed by the Energy Efficiency Institute that clears barriers to participation for underserved customers, regardless of income, credit score, or renter status. In the private sector, Holmes developed corporate energy strategies and utility software products at Silicon Energy (now Itron), and today Holmes serves on the board of Cornerstone Capital, an advisory firm specializing in the development of values-aligned investment portfolios. Holmes holds a doctorate degree from Stanford University for research on global energy technology scenarios for climate stabilization.