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Guy Wohl

Program Coordinator
  • Strategic Analysis and Engagement

Guy is the Program Coordinator of the Strategic Analysis & Engagement Group and the Office of Chief Scientist. In his role he supports the smooth development, execution, and delivery of the programs’ collaborative initiatives both with internal and external stakeholders.


Guy spent the last decade working in various capacities with environmental NGOs in Israel, the United States, Paraguay, and Australia.

Most recently before joining RMI, Guy collaborated as campaign research assistant with World Wildlife Fund scientists in Australia to successfully identify over 40 opportunities to improve 20 endangered species conservation efforts by converting complex multi-attribute spatial data to accessible interactive online google map platform. While earning his master’s in environmental management and economics at the University of Queensland, Guy collaborated with The Nature Conservancy scientists in researching spatial-socioeconomics methodologies to identify land use optimization opportunities across the state of Queensland, Australia.

As conservation projects manager with Prescott Creeks in Northern Arizona, Guy utilized a community-based conservation approach to restore riparian habitat and improve water quality throughout the Upper Verde River watershed. Guy engaged and closely collaborated with diverse stakeholders from the public, private, NGO, and academia sectors as well as the local Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe in implementing practical conservation solutions amidst the urban interface challenge.

As an environmental science educator Guy worked in both urban and remote outdoor settings with underserved communities in rural Israel, Upstate New York, North Cascade Washington, and rural Arizona. In these roles he developed curriculum and facilitated programs designed to inspire curiosity and stewardship among participants.

Before taking the environmental NGO career path, Guy served three years in the Israel Defense Forces as infantry medic and commander, leading a small medical team to provide all routine and emergency health services to several hundred soldiers and civilians in his battalion jurisdiction.


B.Sc., Conservation Biology & Restoration Ecology, Prescott College

MEM, Environmental Management and Economics, University of Queensland (Australia)


Basalt, CO