Eli Weaver

Eli Weaver

  • Climate-Aligned Industries

Eli is an associate in RMI’s Climate Aligned Industries, where he is a member of the Carbon Dioxide Removal Initiative (CDRi) team. He specializes in research concerning wholistic CDR approaches, policy, and socioeconomic impact related to CDR technologies.


Eli’s primary expertise lies in the field of wholistic ecosystem management and conservation ecology, with specializations in ecological restoration and wetland monitoring. He worked with the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife at the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge (SNWR) in Saginaw, MI, for two years, where he led field surveys on local biotic indices to examine the efficacy of previous restoration efforts.

Prior to joining RMI, Eli led the research, development, and deployment of nature-based CDR solutions at the University of Michigan’s CDR nonprofit, the Global CO2 Initiative. He focused primarily on biomass conversion and biochar production and how utilizing invasive species as biochar feedstock could improve local soil health and jumpstart carbon sequestration efforts at the University of Michigan.


BA, Environmental Science (PITE), University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
MS, Ecosystem Science & Management, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (SEAS)