Dylan Cutler

Senior Engineer at National Renewable Energy Lab

Dylan has worked on the techno-economic optimization model REopt over the last seven years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, leading much of the custom development and analysis with the model.

The REopt model focuses on integration and optimization of distributed energy resources, specifically cost-optimal sizing and dispatch.

Dylan also leads much of the research on building and utility control systems integration for the Integrated Applications Center. Dylan is one of the technical leads on the Intelligent Campus team which is focusing on NREL’s own control system integration and energy informatics infrastructure> He also has worked with a number of federal agencies as they deploy their own energy management and information systems.


Dylan has led a number of technology demonstration efforts, performing on-site testing and analysis to confirm technology performance claims.

  • M.S. in Building Systems Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
  • B.A. in Mathematics, Middlebury College