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Craig Schiller


Craig Schiller, MSSD, LEED AP, is a former Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) who worked in both the sustainable buildings’ and communities’ practices. With RMI, Craig managed a Superefficient Affordable Housing Design Challenge for university students, co-hosted a deep energy retrofit conference with the General Service Administration, helped formulate a new sustainable campuses initiative, and had been a core design team member for RMI’s new net-zero-energy headquarters. Craig worked on an RMI team dedicated to increase energy efficiency and scale building retrofits in the city of Chicago.


Craig received a Masters of Science in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Melon University and spent several years as a green building researcher, advocate, and educator. He has consulted for a variety of clients including Xavier University, the Pittsburgh Public School District, and the National Wildlife Federation, and the Green Building Research Institute. Craig also founded Build to Teach LLC, a consulting and research firm that focuses on green schools and buildings that are being used as teaching tools for sustainability. He is particularly passionate about implementing sustainable education into both k-12 and higher education classrooms and had the opportunity to speak on the topic at TEDx Boulder.


MS, Sustainable Design, Carnegie Mellon University graduated magna cum laude

BS, Geology & Geophysics, University of Wisconsin graduated on Dean’s List

BS, Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin graduated on Dean’s List

Authored Works

Report Release: Mapping a Pathway to Low-Carbon Campuses

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