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Claire McKenna

Claire is a former Senior Associate at Rocky Mountain Institute, where she researches the techno-economic case for building electrification in the US. By developing tools to advance knowledge and fostering collaborations across industry, municipalities and utilities, Claire supports RMI’s goal to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in buildings by 2045.


Prior to joining RMI, Claire led the sustainable building design practice at WSP in Boston. In that role, she worked with architects and developers to deliver high performance buildings that meet government and corporate mandates for climate action and resiliency. Her team incorporated planning and modeling for all-electric buildings, passive design strategies, and alternative energy strategies into projects across the country.

Claire began her career as an electrical engineer in the US solar photovoltaics industry and is a technical expert in strategic distributed energy resource (DER) planning and design.


B.A., Engineering Modified with Studio Art, Dartmouth College


Boulder, CO

Authored Works
Tulips in front of houses on Milwaukee Avenue

All-Electric New Homes: A Win for the Climate and the Economy

Buildings are quickly becoming a cornerstone of ambitious climate policy, as policymakers recognize they can’t achieve the necessary science-based emissions reductions without tackling this stubborn sector. This means states and cities across the country won’t meet their climate goals if new buildings in their jurisdiction include fossil fuel systems that…


Massachusetts Decision Highlights the Need for State Action on Building Electrification

This week, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO) disapproved the state’s first local ordinance that would have prohibited the installation of fossil fuel infrastructure in newly constructed buildings and in major renovations. The town of Brookline overwhelmingly passed this building electrification by-law in November of 2019, becoming the first municipality…