2019 Mobility Innovation Lab

Project Accelerator Teams

The teams participating this year will be tackling mobility challenges with a focus on equity in new mobility, fleet electrification, innovative financing and business models, and regulatory reform and rate design.

This Year’s Topics
  • Electrifying Fleets:
    Projects that advance the transition toward commercial fleet electrification, including addressing barriers, motivators, and strategies for accelerating the market.
  • Innovative Financing and Business Models:
    Projects focused on overcoming the financial hurdles associated with electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure.
  • Regulatory Reform and Rate Design:
    Projects focused on lowering the regulatory and political barriers to utility investment and engagement in the EV charging space and/or EV charging-specific electricity tariffs.
  • EVs as Distributed Energy Resources:
    Projects focused on leveraging the flexible load EVs represent to provide ancillary services to the grid, facilitate high penetrations of renewables, manage charging standards, etc.
  • Urban Mobility Solutions:
    Projects focused on decreasing commute times or distances, reducing reliance on personal vehicles, or improving access to shared mobility services.


Trenton, NJ E Mobility Project 

Exploring infrastructure strategies to support an EV carshare serving low- and moderate-income communities and ways to deliver electric mobility to urban areas in an equitable way.

Hawaii Clean Vehicle Fleet Future

Exploring ways to structure and implement innovative financing and procurement of EVs and efficient vehicles for Hawaii's public fleets.

Boulder Community Transit Electrification and Shared Infrastructure

Developing a business model and operational plan for shared charging infrastructure, transit fleet electrification, transit route expansion, and multimodal and last-mile solutions.

Energizing EV Deployment for Rural Electric Cooperatives

Developing EV deployment plans in rural electric cooperative utility service areas with a focus on innovative approaches to EV incentives and rate design.

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) & City of Aspen eBus Pilot

Identifying opportunities in electric bus and battery technologies to build efficiencies and leverage data in their Battery Electric Bus (BEB) pilot deployment.

Universal Transit Fare Standard

Identifying market requirements for an open market standard (GTFS-F for fares), including guidelines, adoption tools, implementation oversight, and payment standards


Expert Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) faculty are on-hand throughout the meeting to offer coaching, personal experience, and insights, on critical content areas. Faculty expertise include topics such as regulatory transformation, mobility system design and implementation, project financing and business model development, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and political strategy. MIL faculty are also available throughout the Accelerator meeting to provide specific feedback and coaching to support each team’s project.

  • John Fox-Rubin, PhD, Principal at FoxRubin Limited
  • Britta Gross, Managing Director, Mobility at Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Holmes Hummel, PhD, Principal at Clean Energy Works
  • Hutch Hutchinson, Senior Fellow at Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Becky Knox, Senior Director at Edison Electric Institute
  • Scott Kubly, CEO/Founder of pre-launch start up
  • Nick Nigro, Founder of Atlas Public Policy

In addition to faculty, experienced facilitators from Rocky Mountain Institute are assigned to each team to lead project discussions.