GHG Emissions Rating

We aim to bring transparency to the performance of shipping vessels worldwide to drive efficiency improvements and cut carbon emissions.

What is the GHG Emissions Rating?

The GHG Emissions Rating is a tool developed by RightShip and Carbon War Room that allows charterers to compare a ship’s design efficiency with peer vessels using a simple A–G scale, increasing demand for more efficient vessels by making the potential for fuel savings transparent.

Why it Matters

Recognizing that it was not possible to discern an efficient ship from an inefficient one, RightShip and Carbon War Room created the GHG Emissions Rating to make it easy for shipowners, operators, charterers, shippers, and financiers to embed efficiency within their decision making.

What We’re Doing

By scaling the GHG Emissions rating, we help the industry realize benefits which include rewards for sustainable owners through greater acceptance of their ships, the opportunity for customers to reduce fuel cost, better-informed decisions, and the ability to benchmark a ship against others in its sub-class.

What We’ve Accomplished

Our GHG Emissions Rating remains the world’s first and only comprehensive index for ship efficiency. To date, 39 charterers representing 20 percent of the world’s cargo use the GHG Emissions Rating. This represents 26,000 ship movements of over 2 billion tons annually.

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