Solutions Workshop

Accelerating innovative mobility solutions in Indian cities

What Is the Solutions Workshop?

The Urban Mobility Lab Solutions Workshop is a facilitated, multi-day event that provides an opportunity to gather a common awareness and understanding of a city's ecosystem and explore opportunities for integration between projects and organizations. The workshop also supports project work by advising on business models, identifying and developing solutions to key regulatory barriers, and customizing implementation plans and support for each project.

Delhi is one of India’s Lighthouse Cities for mobility solutions, along with Pune. More information on the Solution Workshop in Delhi, to be hosted in June 2019, can be found here.

Why It Matters

With growing GDP and urbanization, India’s mobility demand is expected to double over the next decade. India’s cities will play a critical role in supporting this growth, and are at a pivotal moment for determining how to meet the increasing demand in a manner that provides accessible, efficient, clean, affordable, and safe transportation for their citizens.

Who’s Involved

The Solutions Workshop brings together project teams, government officials, and subject matter experts. Project teams typically comprise five to eight people representing critical stakeholders and partners that are instrumental in overcoming barriers currently impeding project implementation. Strong project teams have projects under development and are prepared to launch pilot projects in a Lighthouse City shortly after accelerating their project at the Solutions Workshop.